The dolls from Doll Studio Wonderful Waldorf Dolls are handmade from the natural materials cotton and wool. This makes that the dolls are firm yet soft. Therefore the child almost naturally plays with the doll in a caring way. Because the wool quickly takes on the body temperature, the doll is not only soft but also warm. It almost seems as if the doll is really alive. This makes it nice for the child to hold the doll, to cuddle it and to carry it anywhere it goes.

Three different perspectives

To create the perfect doll I look at it from three different perspectives:

As a mother I just want the best for my child. The nicest and most beautiful. If you are a mother (or father) then you probably recognize that. Apart from that I want the doll to be ecologicaly sound. The dolls I make come in all shapes and sizes. From simple and traditional design, to dolls with more details and realistic looking faces. Because we all have different preferences. And because preferences change over time.

As a doll maker I choose to use high quality materials and techniques that make a doll look as “real” as possible. And of course a doll has to be strong enough to be played with for many years. I also find it important to use natural materials that are of organic quality as much as possible.

As a teacher I see a doll not only as a toy, but also as development material. A doll should support the development of a child as well as possible. That means there must be room for the child to imagine all kinds of things while playing. A simple but beautiful appearance and good mobility of the doll make sure this is possible.

Each doll is unique

The dolls I make in the studio are both traditionally styled waldorf dolls as a more modern and detailed version.

Since making these dolls is done by hand, each doll is unique.

Here you see an example of a traditionally styled waldorf doll:


Here you see an example of a more modern and detailed waldorf style doll: