How it all started…

It’s been years since I did the training to become a waldorf school teacher. I chose the specialization kindergarten teacher and one of the assignments I was given was to create a waldorf doll. From childhood I had always been busy with needlework and I absolutely loved this assignment.

I was delighted to note that making a doll like that gave an extra dimension to needlework. It was as if the doll slowly came to life in my hands while I made her.

When I became a mother, I knew I wanted to make a waldorf doll for my daughter. I didn’t make one, there were many more. And I discovered the fun in designing patterns and refining my techniques. One thing led to another and I decided to become a professional doll maker.

From the moment I opened my studio the dolls go all over the world. And after getting a lot of questions about doll making, I also made an online course so mothers and grandmothers who also like to make such a beautiful doll can do so.

About me

I started my working career as an accountant, became a make-up artist, earned some money by being a professional clown, became a kindergarten teacher after that and finally started making dolls for a living.

As you can tell from my working career, I have many different interests. About some of them I write on this blog: especially about doll making and crafts, but you can also find some information on other topics.

And besides all these things being a mom is obviously a very important part of my life. I even use the dolls sometimes to help me out with parenting or educational challenges and I also occasionally write about that.

If you want to follow me and my work, my Facebook page is a good place to do so. You can like and follow the page and you can even choose to set the updates of the studio as a top priority in your news feed. Whatever you choose, I wish you a great time on this blog and actually everywhere in your life.