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About the dolls

The sweetest dolls

The dolls from Doll Studio Wonderful Waldorf Dolls are handmade from the natural materials cotton and wool. They are firm yet soft.

Because the wool quickly takes on the body temperature of the child, the doll is not only soft but also warm. It almost seems as if it is really alive.

This makes it nice for the child to hold the doll, to cuddle it and to carry it anywhere it goes.

and... the best toys in the world

As a doll maker I choose to use high quality materials and techniques that make a doll look as “real” as possible. And of course a doll has to be strong enough to be played with for many years. I also find it important to use natural materials that are of organic quality as much as possible.

As a teacher I see a doll not only as a toy, but also as development material. A doll should support the development of a child as well as possible. That means there must be room for the child to imagine all kinds of things while playing. A simple but beautiful appearance and good mobility of the doll make sure this is possible.

Therefore a well made doll is much more then just a toy.

About me

How it all started…

It’s been years since I did the training to become a waldorf school teacher. I chose the specialization kindergarten teacher and one of the assignments I was given was to create a waldorf doll. From childhood I had always been busy with needlework and I absolutely loved this assignment.

I was delighted to note that making a doll like that gave an extra dimension to needlework. It was as if the doll slowly came to life in my hands while I made her.

When I became a mother, I knew I wanted to make a waldorf doll for my daughter. I didn’t make one, there were many more. And I discovered the fun in designing patterns and refining my techniques. One thing led to another and I decided to become a professional doll maker.

From the moment I opened my studio the dolls go all over the world. And after getting a lot of questions about doll making, I also made an online course so anyone who wants to can make such a beautiful doll too.

This is what my customers say about my work

About the dolls

They are beautiful!
I am so happy and glad. Thanks so much. The birthday will be great. I thank you with all my heart.

You have magic hands.

- Francesca

The doll has arrived! Thank you! I am very happy with it and can't wait to see my daughters response when we celebrate her birthday.

- Miëtte

The most beautiful gift my mom ever received!

- Magali

Yes, she arrived! What a beautiful doll!

- Marjanne

So amazing. Thank you so much. You are very talented. It is perfect.

- Ryan

Got my doll today and I absolutly love it. I was looking to buy this doll since long time, and finally found me someone that made it. The eye for detaill is amazing, either for the dress as the doll itself. I recommand everyone to buy from here for whatever doll you like. Fast shipping and service included. Thanks

- Miguela

Dear Inge, your sweet little baby doll is so lovely for little children! Thanks so much for this wonderful work! We love your dolls! All the best!

- Gabriele

What an adorable little doll. A real doll. Very high quality workmanship, a joy to give as a present. Very pleasant and efficient customer service.

- Jorunn

About the patterns and tutorials

Your explanation is really fantastic!
I find it very easy to follow, while normally I am very bad at following manuals.

- Heidi

I have all the books there are on doll making.
But as clear as your tutorials there is none!
My dolls are now a lot more beautiful than before.

- Marian

Tutorial was easy to follow; good for beginners! Worth the purchase 🙂

- Ulrika

I love this pattern! Good price, easily downloaded.

- José

Good tutorial. The pictures and descriptions are very helpful, even to a beginner like me.

- Peggy

Lovely and thorough pattern - excellent pictures. Thank you.

- Amber

Perfect tutorial, and pattern!!! Thanks so much!

- Jenny

Can I help you?


Where is Doll Studio Wonderful Waldorf Dolls located?

I live in Zuthen in the Netherlands and the studio is located in my house.

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes. I'm active on Facebook where I regularly post updates about my work. You can find a beautiful blue button below the FAQ which will lead you to the facebook page of the doll studio.

And off course the doll studio can also be found on Pinterest. You can find a button to the Pinterest Board of the studio below the FAQ, just below the facebook button.

Can I come visit your studio or shop?

The studio is not suitable to receive visits. Perhaps that will change in the future but it will only be accessible by appointment. There is no real physical store, if you want to see if there is a doll in stock that meets your needs you can look at my online store or contact me via the facebook page of the studio.

How much does a doll cost?

The materials are expensive and making a doll is very labor-intensive. The price of a doll ranges from € 100 for a simply designed 30cm doll with one simple set of clothes to € 700 for a 50 cm doll with a more detailed face and body, and different sets of clothing according to your personal wishes.

What materials do you use?

I use natural materials like cotton, wool and linen. Most of the materials I use are GOTS certified and/or of organic quality. My dolls are filled with organic washed and carded wool. For the hair of the dolls I use either undyed 100% woolen yarn or a yarn that is specially designed for making dolls hair and complies with the European safety standards for materials that can be used to make toys.

I find it important to minimize the envirmonmental imprint I leave on the earth. Therefore I use natural materials that are also of organic quality as much as possible. I value good quality and a nice finish and these values form the basis for the decisions that I make concerning the materials and techniques I use in my work.

How and where can I buy a doll that is made by you?

I have an online shop on Etsy where I sell dolls that I make from their own inspiration. I am working on an independent online shop. You can also follow me on facebook and ask if a doll that I am making is for sale. In addition, I make dolls to order for customers like you, with which I take into account the wishes of the customer. If you are interest in this, please contact me via my facebook page or via my Etsy shop.

Can I purchase your patterns?

Some of my patterns are for sale in my Etsy shop. Below the FAQ you can find a button to go to my Etsy shop.

Are your dolls traditional waldorf dolls?

I make different kinds of dolls. Most of the dolls I make meet the characteristics ot the traditional waldorf dolls. These characteristics are related to the body composition and the neutral facial expression of the doll. In addition, I also make dolls that have a more detailed look and besides that, I sometimes make dolls with a very different look because a customer asks me to. In that case I'll use the same materials, but often other techniques. I believe that dolls intended for children can best have a simple appearance, so there is as much space left as possible for the child to use his or her creative imagination while playing with the doll.

Do you give lessons in doll making?

If you want to learn how to make dolls yourself, you can use my downloadable patterns with extensive tutorial which are available in my Etsy shop. I do not give lessons in my own studio or on location.

What is you view on dolls and doll play?

A doll is meant to be played with for many years. A beautiful but simple appearance and good mobility of the doll are therefor most fitted in my opinion.

In my work with children I also noticed that the materials used and the appearance of a doll have a major impact on how a child plays with a doll and thus the behavior which the child develops. As a teacher I see a beautifully designed soft doll of natural materials with a friendly appearance, therefore, as an indispensable part of the childs development.

In addition, making dolls is a manifestation of creativity for me. In my job as a doll maker I experience that my head, my hands and my heart work together in the best way they can.

May I use text and/or photos?

All material on this website is copyrighted. If you want to use the texts or photos, please contact me to discuss the possibilities. A prerequisite is always that you insert a reference to this website. Thank you!

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Yes, take me to the Pinterest board of the doll studio!
Yes, take me to the Etsy shop of the doll studio!

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